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Verefa V60M Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Verefa V60M Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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(1)Smart Navigation 1.0
With the smart navigation system, the V60M robot vacuum delivers effective cleaning and maximum space coverage! It navigates with the Verefa Gyrosense to map your space and avoid obstacles day or night. Further assisted with path-planning, your entire space can be clean ed easily . 

(2)Vacuum and mop 2-in-1
Unlike basic robot vacuum cleaner, Verefa V60M is also designed with an auto water control mopping system. It comes with an electric control tank with 3 water supply levels allows precise control of water amounts for different floor types, and prevents water leaks. A max volume of 250ml covers up to 1290 sq ft (120m²). Vacuuming and mopping, it helps create an utterly dirt-and-dust-free home for you, whatever your floor type is.

2700Pa strong suction, the robot cleans all types of floors, including tile, wooden and carpet floors deeply like a breeze. The effective cleaning system also features a main brush made of scrapers and bristles to better grab food fragments, particles, and pet hair efficiently .

(4)Ideal for carpet cleaning
With the Auto Boost function, the mopping robot vacuum will automatically increase its suction power for deep cleaning of your carpet, when it detects a carpet. (to better protect your carpet, it is advised to clean your carpet when the robot is in vacuuming mode )

(5)Easy control and low noisy
You can control your robot with the intuitive Verefa Life App, physical buttons, and smart voice control like Alexa. So versatile that everyone in the family, even kids or the elderly, can use it easily. It also features noise at work, as low as 55 DB, sounds just like having normal conversations.

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Slim And Stylish Design V60 M-Lite

With the patented slim and stylish design, it fits in your home environment naturally.

Only 7.9CM

With its slim design of just 7.9cm, it easily maneuvers around the home and effectively cleans under furniture, which is often an area often overlooked.This small yet mighty machine has the ability to effortlessly navigate through tight spaces like sofas and beds, with a powerful suction to pick up even the smallest of debris.

2700 Pa Powerful Cleaning

With a suction power of 2700 Pa, the V60 M-Lite can easily pick up debris and pet hair from floors and carpets. The floating brush design allows for deeper cleaning on uneven surfaces, making it ideal for cleaning pet hair, carpets, hard floors, and tiles.

Vacuum And Mop 2-in-1

The V60 M-Lite is not your basic robotic vacuum. It's a 2-in-1 machine that also features an automatic floor mopping system. With its 3-level water flow control, it can precisely distribute water on different floor surfaces, preventing any leaks.

More Smarter, More Advanced

One of the standout features of the V60 M-Lite is its ability to seamlessly integrate with Amazon's intelligent voice assistant, Alexa. With this functionality, users can easily control their devices, access information, and complete everyday tasks using voice commands. Additionally, the V60 M-Lite comes equipped with a custom app developed by Verefa, which offers even more advanced features and customization options.

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