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Verefa L20M Plus Self Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Combo

Verefa L20M Plus Self Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Combo

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INCREDIBLE SUCTION. Verefa L20M Plus is situable for all types of surface and able to pick up various kinds of dirt and debris, with maxinum powerful suction 5000Pa and 4-level adjustable suction power.

GREAT MOPPING PERFORMANCE. Microfibre high permeability mop pad effectively removes footprints and dirt from the surface. 3 levels of adjustable water output for different levels of soiled floors.

AUTO EMPTIES ITSELF. The base is capable of storing up to 70 days' cleaning waste, while it ensures 99.5% of dust and hair collected and trapped without clogging it, giving you complete freedom to enjoy your free time.

DETACHABLE BASE STATION. The base can additionally be linked to a hose and nozzle combo to suck up hard-to-clean pet hair from the crevices of the sofas. Exclusively designed to ease the burden of cleaning tasks for pet-loving families.

RICH APP FUNCTIONS. Routine Cleaning, Room Cleaning, Scheduled Cleaning, you are free to define your cleaning needs. L20M Plus can save and manage up to 5 maps and set up to 15 No-Go-Zone and No-Mop-Zone at the same time.

DEEPER CLEANING AT YOUR NEED. When not satisfied with the cleaning result, designate the area you want and L20M Plus will clean in multiple passes back and forth with no spots left, even on carpets and hard floors.

NO END CLEANING. Large 5000 mAh battery provides up to 250 minutes of runtime and 250 square metres of cleaning range. Automatically returns to the base station to recharge itself and continue working where it left off.

PRECISION MAPPING. 360° LDS system accurately and quickly builds maps for your home, while your L20M Plus intelligently recognises and avoids obstacles, refining the map after each cleaning to better suit your home.

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5000Pa suction power to easily remove dust, debris and pet hair from surfaces such as hardwood floors, ceramic tiles and low-pile carpets. 4 suction modes meet different needs. The 5000 mAh battery lasts for 250 minutes and can fully clean large homes in a single run.


With an efficient dust collection design, L20M Plus quickly gathers debris into a 3.5L dust bag, capable of storing waste for up to 70 days. Let the Verefa self emptying robot vacuum cleaner handle the cleaning, saying goodbye to the inconvenience of regularly emptying the trash bin.


Supports sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping simply and efficiently in a single run. 3 levels water flows adjustment to meet your different daily cleaning needs, you control the rate of water flow through the app to reach a balance of moistness and quick drying.


The base station is innovatively designed for easy separation. Just connect the hose, attach the nozzle, and it becomes a portable handheld vacuum. Efficiently clean hard-to-reach areas such as sofas and the tops of shelves, delivering a cost-effective cleaning solution.


360° laser radar navigation system, swiftly scanning objects to create an accurate and detailed map of your home. Automatically dividing rooms into distinct zones, intelligently planing the most efficient cleaning paths, ensuring a thorough cleaning in every corner.

Map Management

Effortlessly control and manage with the app for real-time mapping, multi-map management, virtual walls, automatic cleaning, room-specific cleaning, and scheduled cleaning.


Through the Verefa Life app, you can effortlessly manage 5 maps and create unique cleaning plans for different floors.


You have the flexibility to customize up to 15 No-Go Zones, ensuring the robot mop avoids the specific areas you designate during the cleaning process. This ensures a more precise and thoughtful cleaning service tailored to your needs.


Simple to install and easy to operate. You can freely choose different suction power levels when using the nozzle function. Please note that the power supply should be kept connected during use.

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Designed for Pet Families Grooming Kit Works with L20M Plus