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Verefa V60M Pro Cleaning Robot (White)

Verefa V60M Pro Cleaning Robot (White)

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(1)3-in-1 vacuum and mop with adjustable water flow for efficient cleaning.
(2)Self-emptying dustbin with a large capacity and sealing construction for up to 45 days of dirt storage.
(3)Powerful 3200Pa suction for deep cleaning, especially for pet hair and carpets.
(4)Dual navigation system for full coverage and no missed spots, with an ultra-thin design for hard-to-reach places.
(5)Easy control through the Verefa Life app, voice commands, or remote control, with low noise and automatic recharge for extended cleaning.
(6)This robot vacuum is the best choice for pet owners and anyone looking for a reliable and efficient cleaning robot. It's the perfect combination of a robot vacuum and mop, with a self-emptying feature that makes cleaning even easier. With its powerful suction and dual navigation system, it can clean every corner of your home without missing a spot. And with easy control through the app, voice commands, or remote control, you can sit back and relax while it does the work for you. Get the best robot vacuum and mop for your home today!

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Effortlessly clean home with V60 M Pro

Verefa V60 M Pro is a robot vacuum and mop combo that makes cleaning your floors easy and efficient. With its 2-in-1 dustbin and electric control water tank, it can sweep, vacuum, and mop your floors in a single run.

Empties Itself

Verefa V60 M Pro robot vacuum empties itself into a dust bag while charging, saving you from frequent emptying.

Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo

Verefa V60 M Pro robot vacuum is a 3-in-1 vacuum and mop combo that can sweep, vacuum, and mop floors in a single run.

Powerful 3200Pa Suction

Verefa V60 M Pro robot vacuum has powerful suction of up to 3200Pa and uses dual navigation to ensure no spots are missed during cleaning.

Automatic Recharge and Long Runtime

Verefa V60M Pro robot vacuum can be easily controlled through the Verefa Life app, has low noise levels, and offers an extended runtime of up to 150 minutes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Hannah Hoaglund
Stops working, can’t contact customer service

I’ve had my vacuum for 3 months. It started making this terrible loud noise like the motor was going out, to where we can’t use it. I have tried contacting customer service for a month now with no luck to try and return it or get a warranty replacement. Do not buy anything from them, unless you want to waste your money!

this thing does not work - no customer service

Can anyone tell me how to return this? Customer service either does not pick up or does not respond.
This is an expensive door stop.
Do NOT buy this!
PS how do you give zero or negative stars?

rudy oliva
It can find home!

I keep my house clean and want this to help keep the floor clean. But dam, this machine showed me I was wrong! I wish I had taken a pic of the first cleaning of my house. It picked up a lot! For the price, it is doing an outstanding job. Then it upset my daughter because her high price robot cleaner can't even find its home, and mine finds it easy!

Timothy Newsome
Does a good job

We have a dog so that is the main reason we bought the product. It did help with lessening any dog hair around the house, but would miss a few other things on the floor here and there like pieces of thread. Other than that, it helped a lot

Haven't tried yet

It is a gift for a family member for Christmas. I love that it comes with a self emptying and has a battery life of 200. It really seems like the perfect option for fur babies. I can't wait to see the vaccum and mop in action.