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Verefa L11 Pro Robot Vacuum

Verefa L11 Pro Robot Vacuum

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(1)Auto Dirt Disposal: The L11 has a large-capacity dust bag that holds up to 10 weeks of dust and dirt, keeping your hands clean and your floors spotless.
(2)LiDAR Obstacle Avoidance: With LiDAR technology, the L11 can quickly and accurately map your home, allowing you to set up cleaning areas and No-Go Zones in the Verefa Life app.
(3)Powerful Cleaning: The L11 has incredible suction power of 3000 Pa, making it ideal for cleaning pet hair, carpets, hard floors, and tiles. The floating brush keeps the brush closer to the ground for deeper cleaning, even on uneven surfaces.
(4)Long Battery Life: The L11 has a built-in 5000mAh battery that provides up to 270 minutes of continuous cleaning. It also has a recharge & resume feature, automatically returning to the charging dock when the battery is low and resuming cleaning where it left off.
(5)Easy Control and Scheduled Cleaning: The L11 is compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi, Alexa, and Google Assistant, allowing for real-time mapping, scheduled cleaning, and spot cleaning settings. Set the robot to auto start and stop cleaning when you leave or come back home.
(6)The L11 is the best robot vacuum for pet hair and self-emptying robot vacuum on the market. It's the perfect cleaning robot for those looking for an automatic vacuum that can also mop. Get the best robot vacuum and mop for your home today!
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Clean smarter, not harder with L11 Pro

Verefa L11 Pro is a self-emptying robot vacuum with 70 days auto dirt disposal, LiDAR obstacle avoidance, powerful cleaning, and up to 270mins battery life. It's easy to control and schedule cleaning with the Verefa Life app, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Clean smarter, not harder with L11 Pro.

Designed For Pet Hair

L11 Pro vacuum is specially designed to handle pet hair and has a strong suction power to pick up even the most stubborn hairs.

3000 Pa Powerful Cleaning

With a suction power of 3000 Pa, the L11 Pro can easily pick up debris and pet hair from floors and carpets. The floating brush design allows for deeper cleaning on uneven surfaces, making it ideal for cleaning pet hair, carpets, hard floors, and tiles.

LiDAR Obstacle Avoidance

The L11 Pro uses advanced LiDAR technology to scan your home and create a map, allowing it to navigate around obstacles and clean multiple rooms. You can even set up No-Go Zones in the Verefa Life app to keep the vacuum out of certain areas.

Easy Control and Scheduled Cleaning

You can control the L11 Pro using the Verefa Life app, Alexa, or Google Assistant. You can schedule cleanings, set up personalized cleaning settings, and even start and stop the vacuum remotely. This makes it easy to keep your home clean and tidy without any extra effort.

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Bupno, ma...Prodotto esaurito, accessori esauriti...che si fa?

Come acquisto sacchetti?


Perfect for my use. Like it's really really good. I bought the L11 pro and it's the best

Timo Arnsfeld
Great Work!

Very good cleaner!

古橋 純一


Marcel Kowalkowski

Verefa L11 Pro Robot Vacuum