Verefa L11 Pro and V60 Pro: The Game Changer is here

11/10/2022, Press Release from TMCnet


The consumers who need helpers for their daily cleaning, are actively seeking for robots with higher efficiency and lower cost. They value their moments with the loved ones, the family, close friends and pets. Verefa L11 Pro and V60 Pro could highly satisfy their needs with abundant and advanced functions.


The humanized demands are fairly satisfied by Verefa L11 Pro and V60 Pro with their superb hands-free cleaning capacity. L11 Pro can provide the users with 70 days hands-free cleaning by 4L large dust bag, and V60 Pro can provide 30 days, which are quite impressive compared to many other peers given emptying dust bag is quite annoying for users. When it comes to 70 days, it means 10 weeks, 1/5 of a year length, this feature literally means that the users may therefore boast more time with the loved ones.

Empowered with 2700Pa strong suction Verefa’s Integrative Cleaning System can provide both V60 Pro and L11 Pro with the strongest cleaning power to eliminate varieties of junks on the floor. Besides,They both has a self-adjusted brush rolling system, which can further improve the cleaning gesture for better carpet cleansing.

L11 Pro and V60 Pro both boast disposable dust bags, which totally allow users to enjoy a hand-free cleaning throughout the entire procedure. Up to 99.5% of the junks on the floor can be properly collected without any hitch. As for V60 Pro, the pet-owner-friendly feature may interest the pet owners with the outstanding fur-collecting function. With the assistance of V60 Pro, the annoying pet fur shall never bother the users any more. More time for the loved ones, again.

Excellent Navigator

Integrated with the LiDar sensor by Verefa's Spatial AI+ tech, L11 Pro robot vacuum can identify the interior layouts and structure of users’ living space on a millimeter level. V60 Pro is also equipped with a smart navigation system based on Gryroscope but upgraded for better performance. Integrated with Verefa Gyrosense and the Optical Path Sensor, and the built-in navigation program, V60 Pro can deliver the finest performance without losing its designated routes.

Empowered with Superb Suction

Both V60 Pro and L11Pro proudly boasts superb suction empowered with Verefa’s Integrative Cleaning System. The strengthened cleaning power can easily eliminate varieties of junks on the floor. Besides, they both have a self-adjusted brush rolling system, which can further improve the cleaning gesture for better carpet cleansing.

User-Friendly Multi-functional Verefa App

Both L11 Pro and V60 Pro robots are controlled by user-friendly Verefa Life app in order to achieve multiple cleaning functions. The real-time monitoring function is set to reassure the users. Besides, a series of customized functions provides the robot with more advanced usages for household cleansing. The app supports virtual remote control mode, through which the user can control suction power, cleaning path and direction to perform the specific cleaning tasks.

Exceptional Battery Performance

In terms of battery life, L11 wins out. Thanks to the exceptional long battery life up to 160mins, L11 Pro robot vacuum can clean 1700 Sq Ft(160m2) hard floor within a single run.


The tested noise of V60 Pro in silent mode is merely 60 dB, which is much lower than many other robot vacuums, and highly ear-friendly. The Do-not-disturb mode during bedtime is also very considerate. While the runtime noise of L11 Pro is at about the same.

Surprisingly Fair Price

Based on the benchmark among peers in the same market, USD349 for V60 Pro and USD399 for L11 Pro are extremely fair prices as for the function and performance.  Order the V60 Pro and L11 Pro today on Verefa Offical Store or Amazon Store.