This amazing self-emptying Robot Vacuum is giving homeowners their lives back

This amazing self-emptying Robot Vacuum is giving homeowners their lives back

11/17/2022, Press Release from Techwalls

Life is too precious to spend on things like household chores. Everyone deserves a helping hand.

…Or, a helping robot, equipped with a main roller brush and a side brush, moving in five powerful ways to keep your living space clean.

The Verefa V60 Pro is a powerful automated assistant that vacuums all surfaces including carpet, with powerful suction to remove even the most tenacious pet hair.

The V60 Pro has one of the largest dust compartments on the market, meaning more time between emptying the bag. Not only that, the V60 is self-emptying, returning to its base to empty the bag when it gets full.

The dust bag is disposable, meaning you don’t need to get dust on your hands – simply remove the bag and replace.

The short dust collection channel ensures that the V60 Pro collects 99.5% of dust and pet hair goes straight into the dust bag, without jamming.

When it’s time to vacuum, your V60 Pro navigates your living area using three pieces of technology: the gyroscope navigation unit, the dedicated optical path unit, and a programmed zig-zag cleaning path.

Here are the steps it will take:

    Navigate & clean using neat, Z-shaped rows.
    Detect & clean any missed spots, using the optical detector.
    Tidy up around walls and corners using Verefa’s upgraded navigation system.

You can also tell the robot where not to go by setting up “no-go” zones, for example when children or pets may be in the area, and you don’t want the machine around them. You can separately purchase magnetic strips to let the robot know automatically where not to go.

When does the V60 do its work, so you don’t have to? Whenever you want!

You can schedule a clean, even if you’re not at home, using the Verefa Life app (available on Android or iOS). Designed for ease of use, even the kids can get in on telling the V60 Pro what to do.

The V60 Pro can handle different surfaces, including low and middle pile carpets. When the V60 Pro detects carpet, it activates Auto Boost, which turns suction power up to the highest level.

If the battery gets low in the middle of a clean, your V60 Pro knows how to take a break. It will make its own way to its home base, recharge, and then start again right where it left off.

Once the job is done, the V60 Pro knows how to handle itself and won’t bother you or take up your time.

Overall, the V60 has four modes
Auto Cleaning, where the V60 Pro is on autopilot, and uses its navigation system to clean your whole room.
Appointed cleaning, when you pre-schedule a clean at the time you choose, even if you’re not home.
Spot Cleaning, a deep cleaning mode for specific areas that need extra TLC.
Remote Controlled Cleaning, where you use the Verefa Life app, or the supplied remote control to manually direct the V60 Pro.

Your life is precious. Your time matters. Let the V60 Pro set your calendar free, while maintaining a spotless home.

Order the V60 Pro on Verefa Official Store or on Amazon today!

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