The “pet” that makes your home cleaner

The “pet” that makes your home cleaner

11/08/2022, Press Release from Androidheadlines


Having a pet is one of the best things in life. You always have a companion around, making life interesting and quirky. If you’re having a bad day, one look at your pet can make everything seem ok.

There’s just one problem: All. That. Fur.

Especially when spring turns to summer, pet hair can be a huge problem in your home. It has a way of getting everywhere.

It turns out, the answer to one pet-related problem is another kind of ‘pet’ – a robot vacuum called the Verefa V60 Pro (cute name, huh?).

While your cat and dog is full of personality, you’ll get no drama from the V60 Pro. Instead, you’ll find a simple, loyal, faithful companion that keeps your place clean, even when you’re not there.

V60 quietly vacuums the floor in tidy rows, with four different clean modes: Auto Cleaning, Appointed Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, and Remote-Controlled Cleaning.

The V60 gets into your home’s hard-to-reach places without having to be asked, and then auto-empties into the base station with a minimum of fuss. It then puts itself to sleep afterwards.

Unlike my drama-queen cat, the V60 is fancy, but not vain. Simple and straightforward, the V60 is the best value auto-emptying robot vacuum.

Here are some of the stunning features that set apart the V60:
-> Upgraded smart navigation system using Verefa Gyrosense + the Optical Path Sensor – this means no more missed spots, and no going over the same spots over and over again.
-> Auto-emptying base means you don’t even have to think about dust and fluff for 30 days. The short dust collection channel ensures 99.5% of dust and fur goes into the bag, no jams.
-> The 2+5 Integrative Cleaning System with 2700Pa suction, more than any competitors.
-> The self-adjust brush roll system allows the clean head to adjust itself, meaning nothing gets left behind.
->  Auto Boost lets the V60 know when it’s on carpet and can apply more suction as required to clean low and middle pile carpets.

If you want more control of your latest little friend, you’ve got it. The Verefa Life mobile app (available on Android or iOS) lets you control:
-> Cleaning commands
-> Real time cleaning
-> Auto-emptying frequency
-> Dust Bag Full alerts

You can also control the vacuum using voice control on Alexa or Google Voice. It may not understand how to “sit” but it can start and stop vacuuming, in addition to a number of other voice-command tasks.

The V60 is almost easy enough for your other pets to manage it by themselves! Well, almost. And it’s definitely easy enough to be used by your kids or any older family members who may not be familiar with technology. The learning curve is intuitive and easy, and the technology fits in around your lifestyle, not the other way around.

The V60 Pro is not cute or fluffy, but it is a faithful servant. It is born to pick up pet hair with ease, without making a fuss.

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