Keep Your Home Looking Instagram-Ready

Keep Your Home Looking Instagram-Ready

11/13/2022, Press Release from TechTimes


Modern homes beckon to us from magazine articles and Instagram videos, with spotless surfaces and gleaming kitchens. It's nice to look at, but it can be intimidating, too.


The challenge becomes even greater if we have pets or children.

The Verefa V60 Pro robot vacuum cleaner is your essential tool for maintaining a spotless home, even if you have pets, and even if you're not home.

Here's what the Verefa V60 Pro boasts:

    Self-emptying: V60 empties itself at its home base, once the dust bag is full

    Empty the dust bag once a month, without getting your hands dirty

    Super-suction of 2700Pa (compared with 600Pa for most models)

    Keeps working for 120 minutes (two hours) at a time

    Controlled via voice command (Google or Alexa), remote control or app

Using the app, you can make an appointment for your V60 Pro to clean, and watch its progress in real time. You can also remotely control the V60 Pro using the app.

How does the V60 Pro leave your place looking so good? So many factors go into the V60 Pro as your ultimate auto-emptying robot vacuum.

The Pre-programmed Z pattern means the V60 Pro cleans every corner without missing a spot. The Z pattern also avoids a common pitfall of other cleaners that use random navigation: over-cleaning an area. V60 Pro cleans everything, just the right amount.

Verefa's Gyro SLAM smart navigation and the optical path sensor helps the V60 pro find its way around nooks and crannies that other robot vacuums might miss.

The Spatial AI+ algorithm that powers the V60 Pro is super-smart, modeling, positioning, and recognizing its environment in real time. It learns its way around your home. The V60 Pro also knows how to avoid bumps and tidies up the corners.

When the V60 Pro goes carpets, Auto Boost is activated, ramping up the suction to powerfully remove dust, dirt, and pet hair - a particular favorite of the V60 Pro. The cleaning performance is best on low- and middle-pile carpets.

The V60 Pro keeps your house clean in four different ways

    Auto Cleaning, where the V60 Pro is on autopilot, and uses its navigation system to clean your whole room.

    Appointed cleaning, when you pre-schedule a clean at the time you choose, even if you're not home.

    Spot Cleaning, a deep cleaning mode for specific areas that need extra TLC.

    Remote Controlled Cleaning, where you use the Verefa Life app, or the supplied remote control to manually direct the V60 Pro.

Safety comes first. The V60 Pro is equipped with dedicated anti-fall and anti-bump sensors to keep your home's surfaces - and the unit - safe.

You can also tell the robot where not to go by setting up "no-go" zones, for example when children or pets may be in the area, and you don't want the machine around them. You can separately purchase magnetic strips to let the robot know automatically where not to go.

You don't need to slave over a vacuum. Simply tell the V60 what to do - voice control available through Alexa or Google voice, use the supplied remote control or the mobile app available for iOS or Android - and let it work its magic.

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