Verefa L11 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Overview: The Best Value Robot Vacuum?

Verefa L11 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Overview: The Best Value Robot Vacuum?

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Our standards are high – but more expensive doesn’t always mean more value. The L11 Pro from Verefa is one of the highest-value robot vacuums on the market – without the highest price tag.

With the L11 Pro, you’ll have automated, hands-free vacuuming for up to 10 weeks. If you don’t want to think about it, you don’t have to do so for a long time, with a large 4-liter dust bag. The L11 Pro automatically empties into its base, so you don’t have to, and when the base is full, you can easily remove the disposable dust bag.

The L11 Pro cleans your home in six different ways:

    Auto cleaning – set and forget
    Spot cleaning – target a specific area
    Room cleaning – clean one room only
    Zone cleaning – clean several rooms at once
    Appointed cleaning – schedule cleaning for a convenient time
    Remote control cleaning – control exactly where your L11 Pro goes

What Makes Verefa L11 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner A Better Choice For Modern Homes

Even though your investment is small for the L11 Pro, you’ll still get the benefit of cutting-edge technology from Verefa, optimized to give you a better experience.

Verefa’s Spatial AI+ technology achieves real-time modeling, positioning, and recognition of its surrounding environment. It breaks through the limitations on spatial perception of traditional robot vacuum cleaners.

The Spatial AI+ uses the integrated LIDAR sensor to recognize your home layout with down to millimeter-level accuracy. It can tell your bedroom from your living room from your kitchen and is good at handling complex scenarios. It ends up knowing your floor better than you would ever want to.

The L11 Pro also boasts powerful suction when you need it. To deliver maximized clean power, Verefa designed the 2+5 Integrative Cleaning System: 2 brushes, and 5 power moves to achieve maximum cleaning coverage.

The 2+5 Integrative Cleaning System is powered by a powerful 2700 Pascals of suction power – the strongest in any robot vacuum.

Not only that, the patented self-adjust brush roll system allows the cleaning head to stay as close as possible to the floor, grabbing every piece of dust, dirt, debris, and pet hair in its path.

When the L11 Pro moves from hard floor to carpet, Auto Boost increases the suction power. This feature is best for low- to mid-pile carpets.

Robot vacuums are sometimes called “smart vacuums”. The Verefa L11 Pro is smart, but you don’t have to be smart to use it.

There are options for the whole family to use it, from the handy button on the device, for direct management of the machine, to voice control using Alexa or Google Voice. Or for total control, opt for the Verefa Life App (available on iOS and Android), which gives you the following features, in the palm of your hand:

    Real time map
    Schedules for different spaces
    Consumable levels
    Intuitive interface

Verefa L11 Pro Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Verefa built the L11 Pro with you in mind, with an exceptionally long battery life (clean 1700 square feet in a single run), low noise (as low as 58DB in quiet mode), and safety for the entire family.

Cutting-edge technology and considerate design don’t have to cost the earth. The Verefa L11 Pro is your best value for money when it comes to robot vacuums.

You can order Verefa L11 Pro on Verefa Official Store today to have a first-hand experience with this super improved robot vacuum cleaner!

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