Make the most of your time with the world’s best value robot vacuum

Make the most of your time with the world’s best value robot vacuum

11/19/2022, Press Release from Tgdaily.

Life is busy for today’s solo professionals, couples and families – and it’s getting busier. Economic changes and the increasing pace of life leave us little time for ourselves, and we don’t want to spend that precious time on household chores. This is why people are increasingly turning towards home automation or smart homes.

When we think of home automation, we think of lights, air conditioning, and security. But now it’s possible to automate the cleaning of your home, with the L11 Pro from Verefa. So your house can not only look beautiful at all hours but also smell and feel wonderful.

For 20 years, we’ve been able to switch on a smart vacuum to simply clean our floor, but the L11 Pro takes house-cleaning automation to a whole new level. The name Verefa comes from the Latin “fovere familia”, or “comfortable home”. And through its products, Verefa aims to make comfortable, automated homes a reality.

The L11 Pro cleans your house all by itself – including self-emptying – for up to 70 days (11 weeks). It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to know exactly where it is in your home and to recognize objects and surfaces in the environment around it.

The technology, called Spatial AI+, models your room in real-time. Most high-end automated vacuums use vision navigation to help navigate, but most homeowners don’t realise this poses a security and privacy risk. Instead, the L11 Pro protects your privacy with the use of LIDAR. LIDAR SLAM uses light detection and ranging to help navigate around your home to millimeter level accuracy, enabling more precise mapping and maximum coverage.

Who knows … the L11 Pro might end up knowing your floor space better than you do.

Once the cleaning is done, your L11 Pro returns to its home base unit, which also serves as a station for the cleaner to automatically empty dust and dirt collected during vacuuming. The L11 Pro’s disposable dust bags pull out easily for quick disposal, with no need to get your hands dirty.

The L11 Pro also boasts stronger suction (2700Pa) than any competitor, and a robust 4 liters of capacity, outdoing most competitors. The L11 Pro lasts longer between charges – 160 hours – compared with most competitors.

Most times, the Artificial Intelligence will take control when it’s time to vacuum, but you can also manually control your L11 Pro using the Verefa Life App on your smartphone, or via voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. The L11 Pro is one of the few vacuums available on both voice assistant smart home platforms. L11 Pro is designed for carpet cleaning, and it just loves pet hair – a common bugbear of pet-owning homeowners.

You might think that such a superior set of features would warrant a much higher price, but L11 Pro beats competitors such as Roomba and Shark.

Don’t just settle for automated lighting and security; make your living space continuously clean without lifting a finger (for up to 70 days, anyway). Automate your comfortable home with the Verefa L11 Pro.

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