Should You Get A Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Should You Get A Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

According to the latest stats, there are over 15 million robotic vacuum cleaners installed in the United States alone, which means 1 in 8 to 9 households in the US uses a robot vacuum to help them deal with the tedious daily cleaning tasks. If you are reading this blog post, you are likely to be seriously considering joining the new fashion of smart home cleaning. Undeniably, everyone in “the club” enjoys the benefit of a robot helping him or her in the cleaning business to a different extent.

While 6 different groups of people benefit the most from the helpful automatic cleaning resolution empowered by the robotic technologies evolved for 37 years since 1985.

1. Those who are busy with work, like me

I work 9 to 6 and live in an 850 square feet apartment. Every other day, my floor would be scattered with dust, food debris, etc. And I’m always desperate to keep my apartment clean and tidy, as a neat living space makes me feel comfortable and revived, especially when I arrive home and am dog tired after a day of hard work. The problem was, every day I came home after work, I just wanted to lay on the couch before I do anything else, but clean, to entertain myself a bit. I was constantly drowning in the pain of, on the one hand, wanting to keep my floor clean, on the other hand, being too tired to pick up my vacuum and do the cleaning, until a robot vacuum cleaner came into my life and saved my day. What I love the most is that it even has an auto-emptying function, which allows my floor to shine like a mirror every day and leaves me hands-free for months.

2. Have kids in the house

Kids are keen to make a mess, knocking things over, and scattering debris everywhere, again and again, every single day. They would even play gladly over the mess they made and get themselves dirty. If you happened to be parenting and babysitting one or more such kids, you would have to cope with the aftermath of such disasters over and over again, until you get annoyed and mad, but could do nothing about it. Though, there is salvation for this. A robot vacuum may not prevent the mess from happening, but it gets the mess sorted out with just one press of the button and relieve much of your “pain”.

3. Keep one or several pets

If you are one of the pet lovers and keep one or more of those creatures - shepherd dogs, retrievers, domestic longhair, siamese, etc, at your home, then you’ve definitely suffered a bunch from the hassling pet hair issue. And I guess you’ve already come to the conclusion that” The only way to keep pet fur down is to clean it again and again”, but hard to accept it as the truth, cuz it takes you way too much to fix. Now you should know that there is an easy way out. Those robot vacuum cleaners, work on pet hair like magic. They easily pick up tumbleweeds of hair rolling across the floor, and it reaches under furniture to gather what’s hidden.”

4. The elderly needs assistance with house chores

Old age often comes along with physical conditions and restricted physical mobility. Either arthritis, lumbar pain, piercing or tingling leg pain, or something else follows. At this stage of life, people usually need extra assistance, including that in handling house chores like daily cleaning.
At those times, a robot vacuum cleaner would be of great help and relief beyond the imagination of normal people, which I heard from an elder user from Greenville, Mississippi. 

5. Allergic to dust, or pet hair and fur

Exposure to possible sources of allergy including dust, pet hair, and fur, etc, would cause allergic reactions to certain groups of people. Those sources need to be cleaned from their living environment, and some others should execute the cleaning task for them. And a robot vacuum cleaner can help them do it efficiently. It is suggested that the robot comes with a smart navigation system like Verefa V60 and L11 series, so it would not miss a spot. It is even greater if the robot has an auto-emptying system like V60 Pro or L11 Pro, with which, trash will be collected in a disposable dust bag in the cleaning routine, and you are kept totally away from the cleaning process. You just need to take out the sealed dust bag and throw it away in a few months.

6. Pursuing quality of life

The trends of smart homes emerge as people are more than ever eager to enjoy greater and freer life, leveraging scientific and technological advances. It is an urge of both our spiritual and pragmatic aspects. The robot vacuum cleaner like many other smart home appliances provides both satisfactions. In a pragmatic aspect, it takes your place to clean your home independently and automatically, helping realize the very idea of “clean care of your space made easier”. In the meanwhile, you keep up with the new trend and knowledge, living and acting in the spirit of modern and smart life and receiving appreciation from your friends and peers.

If you find yourself among one of the 6 groups of people, then you are sure to benefit from a robot vacuum cleaner at your home. Also, trust me, there is more than that, a robot at home gives you greater fun in the exploration and how your pets and kids might interact with it.

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