9 Things to Consider Before Buying A Robot Vacuum

9 Things to Consider Before Buying A Robot Vacuum

Thinking of buying a robot vacuum? But too many options out in the market with all kinds of features and functions like navigation system, suction power, smart controls etc, and you don’t know what is important for you and what is less. Their prices may also vary from about $100 to over $700. Truely, not all robot vacuums are created equal, and they are meant for different users with different demand perference.

And here below are 9 things to consider before you buy a robot vacuum.

1. Price, above all.

As was mentioned, for a robot vacuum price varies from about $100 to over $700. Like all others, the price of a merchandise breaks down to 2 basic parts, brand value and functional value. In the robotic vacuum categories, brands like and  offers high brand value, and in some other brands like Verefa, cusomers obtains more functional value, ie ”cost effective”in short. And let’s further break down the “functional value”. the denominator for this part is the navigation system. For a robot vacuum cleaner with random( bounce) navigation, price is about $100-$150. For those with Gyro-based smart navigation, price range from about $150 to $350($350-$550, if comes with auto-emptying function ). And a LiDar or Vision Navigated robot vacuum normally prices from $250 to $500(price marks up $100-$200 if comes with auto-emptying function).

2. Navigation system

There are 4 types of navigation solutions that are widely used - Random (Bounce) navigation, Gyro-based navigation, LiDar navigation and Vision navigation. All the 3, except Random navigation belong to the scope of smart navigation. And the gyro-based navigation is the most cost-efficient and the most widely use solution as of now. Verefa’s V60 series uses an upgraded Gyro-based navigation, as it comes with a dedicated optical path sensor to substantially improve its precision, so that the robot cleans in tidier rows with no missed or repeated spot. And this soulution is more than enough for most families. But if your have a more generous budget, you may consider a robot vacuum with LiDar navigation or Vision navigation. If a Gyro-based robot vacuum comes with auto-emptying function and a LiDar or Vision navigated robot vacuum without auto-emptying function, I would suggest the former.

3. Auto-emptying (self-emptying) capabilities

The whole point of buying a robot vacuum is to cut down on your housework, so it would of course be better if it is more automatic and involves as less manual intervention as possible. If you uses a basic model, you’ll have to empty your bot’s bursting dustbin every couple of days if you run it quite frequently. While with an auto-emptying station, especially those with disposible dust bags like L11 Pro, all you need to do is take out the bags and throw it away every 10 weeks. And an extra benefit, it seals up allergy sources like dust, pet hair and  fur .

4. Mopping function

Some robotic vacuum are designed with a mop function. Those robot vacuum with mop can help you get all your cleaning done at once. The most advanced are able to clean themselves, but that is going to cost a sum more. But if you are a bit tight in the budget, you can choose those with basic mop function. And most of 2-in-1 bots can either work as a pure vacuum bot or do the both at the same time according to your needs.

5. Carpet cleaning capabilities

Almost all homes owns a carpet or two. But cleaning carpet is not an easy task at all, easpecially when we use them every day, and cleaning is frequently needed. Robot vacuums can help make it easier. Some even have great performance in cleaning carpets. Take Verefa L11 Pro and iRobot i3+ as examples, they both have an carpet auto boost function that is particularly developed for carpet cleaning. With this function, the bots can detect carpet and increase suction power for better cleaning.  

6. Comprehensive smart functions

Some bots come with extra smart function, that can should consider if would be helpful for you, making sure that you spend your money where it counts the most.
1). Anti-bump, climbing, cliff detection & virtual wall this group of function ensures the bots goes where it is supposed to go and turn back from where it should not.
2). Smart control, besides physical buttons, possible smart control modes include app control,  voice control and voice control, and remote control.
3). Map function is another bonus, with a map you can check progressive in real time, see if spot missed, and how is the cleaning route.

7. Noise level

When the bots work, it generates noise, this can not be avoided, but the decibels varies. is known to be noisy, take as an example, test result shows noise at standard mode is 71.3 decibels, is 67.6 decibels,  is 64.5 decibels, and Verefa V60 Pro is 63 decibels.  

8. Battery life

This specs also varies, from 75mins to 200mins. According to our test with bots from. 1 min roughly eauqls to 10 square feet’s cleaning on flat floors, tile or wooden floors. However, some bots break the limit with Recharge and Resume function, with which, the bot will return to base and recharge itself to, say 50% percent full and return to where it paused and start again.

9. Post-sales services

Robot vacuum is a technological product, product support is often needed and you may need purchase replacing parts that may wear out with time, like brushes, filters, mopping pads,  and disposible dust bags etc, so make sure you buy from official channels and have convenient access to customer service representatives.

To conclude, there is no “the best robot vacuum”, but only “the best robot vacuum for you”.  So make sure you look into those aspects, and find the one that really caters to your demands at best price. Spend your money where it counts the most.

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