Why it gets stuck under my chairs or other furnitures sometimes?

The V60 pro robot vacuum may get stuck for reasons as below:

1)The wheel of the robot is stuck;

2)The wheel of the robot is overhanging;

3)There may be other obstacles around the robot.

To solve the issue please try as below:

1)If the wheel of the robot is stuck, overhanging or there are other obstacles around the item, please kindly clean the wheel and place the wheel on the flat floor or put away wires, cat toys, ropes, and similar items on the floor to prevent it from getting tangled.

2) If a red light displaying on the robot, please contact us for troubleshooting.  

3)The height of the robot is 82mm, if there is a void space, for example, at the bottom of your chair, that is about the same height, the robot may easily get stuck there. To avoid it, it is suggested to use a virtual boundary strip."

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