Why it can not pick up hair or dirt?

If it " V60 pro robot vacuum cleaner " can’t suck well, it may cause by the below reasons:

1)The dustbin is full

2)The waste is too large

3)The main brush gets stuck by hairs or any other things

To solve the issues, please try as below:

1)Please check whether the brush, filter, dust box, vacuum port, and wheels are blocked, if yes, please clean all of them

2)Pls check whether the dust bin is full, if yes, pls clean it

3)If the waste is too large, it’s normal that it can’t pick up, such as garbage bags, larger fruit Kernels, larger paper balls

4)During the cleaning, it is recommended that you put away wires, cat toys, ropes, and similar items on the floor to prevent them from getting tangled."

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