Il robot può trovare da solo la base di ricarica?

"Yes, it (L11 robot vacuum cleaner) can, pls kindly pay attention to below tips to avoid charging base can't be found.
-Please ensure that no objects are placed within 1.5m in front of the charging base and 0.5m on either side.
-Do not cover the charging base location beacon with any object.
-Place the charging base on a level, non-slip, hard surface and against a wall
-In order to avoid recharging failure caused by position change, do not to put the charging base on the carpet or blanket.
-Always connect the charging base to the power supply and ensure that it is located in a continuous Wi-Fi network with good coverage,otherwise the robot will not return automatically.
-In order to facilitate the robot to return to the charging base smoothly after cleaning, it is recommended that the robot is started from the charging base, and do not move the charging base at will during cleaning."
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