Born to Keep Your Space Clean

We are a technology-driven company that focuses on practical aspects and spares no effort innovating to help in the business of the "comfortable home".Founded in 2019, we are dedicated to house inside and outside cleaning and helping people to get more done.

 Verefa, the shortened form of the Latin phrase "Fovere familia" meaning "comfortable home", makes plain our ambition to help create cleaner and more comfortable living spaces for every household through our intimate and smart home cleaning robots.

Let Technology Be More Than Just Technology

Through years of hard work, Verefa has developed a series of core technologies and capabilities... Spatial AI+, Laser SLAM, Gyro SLAM, and Auto Emptying tech, to name a few. They are what's real, and the groundworks to prop up the idea of "clean homes easily".

  • Spatial AI+

    Spatial AI+

    Achieving real-time modeling, positioning, and recognition of the surrounding environment, it breaks through the limitations on spatial perception, and application scenarios of a traditional smart robot.

  • Gyro SLAM

    Gyro SLAM

    Smart navigation tech based on gyroscopes, with which the robot vacuum is able to clean every inch of space meant to be cleaned in good order.



    Advanced navigation tech uses light detection and ranging to help navigate around your home, and enables more precise mapping and maximum coverage of the space to be cleaned.

  • Auto Emptying

    Auto Emptying

    The tech allows dust and dirt vacuumed by the robot to be collected into a container automatically and leaves you hands-free for up to over a month's use.

Verefa Product Series

  • Robot Vacuum

    Robot Vacuum

    With all the essential functions, Verefa's entry-level robots are great for your basic cleaning requirements.

  • Robot Vaccum with Mop

    Robot Vaccum with Mop

    Comes with a mopping function, those robot cleaners are preferred by users who seek deeper cleaning for their home spaces.

  • Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

    Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

    Equipped with a self-emptying base, one from this series is a solid choice for homes that need frequent cleaning.

We are inspiring to listen carefully to you feedback and suggestion for the continue improvement of our prodcut and service. We are constantly developing better and better new robotic vacuum in short future.

Company Name: Zhejiang MiYue Technology Co., Ltd.

Address:Room 2-077, 2-078, 2nd Floor, Building 2, No. 17 Caohejing Road, Haining Economic Development Zone, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China