L11 Pro Robot Vacuum

Comes with a large capability auto-emptying station to free your hands for up to 70 days from daily cleaning.  Equipped with super smart LiDar navigation, it is good at handling complex scenarios. The 2700Pa strong suction helps deliver maximized clean power.
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What's in the box?

1 Robot Vacuum
1 Auto-empty Charging Base
1 Side Brush
1 Instruction Manual and Other Documents
1 Additional Filter
2 Additional Dust Bag

How to reset wifi?

To reset the wifi,pls press the spot cleaning button and home button at the same time for about 3 seconds.

How does the robot vacuum auto-empties itself?

"After cleaning, the robot will return to the charging base, and the robot will automatically empty the dust box.

 Note :
-The noise during auto-empty dirt is relatively loud,as loud as that of a normal vacuum is vacuuming.  
-Auto-emptying will be started when the robot starts charging, but it can not be started again within 5 minutes."

How often do I need to clean the filter and can it be rinsed?

You can clean the filter every 1-2 weeks and it is not suggested  to rinse it with water.

Will it avoid small obstacles like electrical wires, cat toys, ropes and similar items on the ground, or will it get bumped/tangled?

During the cleaning, it is recommended that you put away wires, cat toys, ropes and similar items on the floor to prevent it from getting tangled.
How long does it take for it to get a full charge?
When you use it at the first time, pls kindly charge it fully and then use it, it will be better for the batter.It will take about 4-6 hours to charge fully
Can the robot find the charging base by itself ?
"Yes, it can, pls kindly pay attention to below tips to avoid charging base can't be found
-Please ensure that no objects are placed within 1.5m in front of the charging base and 0.5m on either side.
-Do not cover the charging base location beacon with any object.
-Place the charging base on a level, non-slip, hard surface and against a wall
-In order to avoid recharging failure caused by position change, do not to put the charging base on the carpet or blanket.
-Always connect the charging base to the power supply and ensure that it is located in a continuous Wi-Fi network with good coverage,otherwise the robot will not return automatically.
-In order to facilitate the robot to return to the charging base smoothly after cleaning, it is recommended that the robot is started from the charging base, and do not move the charging base at will during cleaning."
Can it be used on the dark flooring/laminate flooring/stone tile/hardwood flooring?
Yes, all it can be used.
Can it clean all kinds of carpets?
It is only suitable for cleaning short or medium pile carpets.
How to connect the App with vacuum cleaner?
"Download the app:
- Search for the "Verefa Life" app in the app store and then download and install it.
Reset Wi-Fi:
- Press and hold turn on/off button and home button(home button) for 3 seconds
until you hear the voice prompt. The two indicator lights of the robot start to flash slowly, indicating that the robot is ready for pairing
Add a device:
- Open the app and follow the prompts to register or log in your account.
- Go to the home page of the app. Tap "+" in the upper right corner of the page to enter the "Add Device" page.
- Follow the on-screen instructions to connect with the robot.
△Note :
- Only the 2.4GHz band is supported for the Wi-Fi connection.
- As the app will be updated from time to time, the actual operation may be different from the above
descriptions. Always follow the instructions in your app to complete the Wi-Fi connection.
- If the network configuration fails, reset Wi-Fi and repeat the above operations."
If the the robot vacuum can't be found, what should I do?
If the robot is stuck somewhere, you can find it through the "Find my robot" in the app.
Can it detect carpet and avoid cleaning it?
"During the cleaning, the robot will automatically increase the suction power if it detects that stronger power is need to ensure the best clean, such as thick carpets and hard-to-clean messes.
-This function will reduce cleaning time and increase the noise level. If this function disturbs you, you can choose to turn off this function in the mobile client."
How to use the holiday energy saving mode function?
"1.On the charging base, press and hold the recharge button for 10 seconds until you hear a prompt tone. And the holiday energy saving mode will be activated.
2.At the holiday energy-saving mode, wifi connection, remote control and scheduling function will all be turned off, and the robot will enter the low-power mode to save energy.
3.Only when the robot is removed from the charging base or any button is pressed can the function be ended."
Will it stay on standby mode all the time if I don't turn it off?
If it's under standby mode more than 10 mins, it will get into sleep mode. Under sleep mode, all the indicators will be off, you can press any buttons to wake up the vacuum cleaner.If it's under sleep mode more than 12 hours, it will be off automatically(but it will not get into sleep mode while charging).
How do I reset the the robot vacuum?
"When the robot vacuum does not respond after you press any button, please press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn it off(when it is not recharging), and then press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on.

If the robot does not work properly after resetting, please try to restore the factory settings by pressing and hold both the power button and the recharge button for 8 seconds at the same time until you hear a prompt tone.(when it is not recharging).

The robot will clear all information and settings. At this time, you needs to reconfigure the settings (including the network settings)"
How long is the warranty for the robot vacuum?
All of the Verefa robot vacuum are granted with a 12-month warranty.
How to contact the customer service?
"1.Log into your Amazon account and then contact us via Amazon message center
2.Contact us at support@verefalife.com"
How to build WIFI Connection?
1.Connect to 2.4G network instead of 5G(If not sure, just confirm as followings);
A - Check the back of the router, find and log in to the configuration website;
B - Enable 2.4G WIFI;
C - Rename SSID to XXX-2.4G;
D - Connect the device to xxx-2.4G.
2.Download “Verefa Life” App, register your account and log in;
3.Click add robot, select the model you get, find your 2.4G WIFI and input the password(Please assure there is no special symbols or emoji in the account and password);
4.Power on the robot, then hold Power and Recharge button for 5s, then the vacuum will report "Reset Wi-Fi. Please follow the instructions on the APP.";
5.Find WIFI hotspot named begin with Verefa-xxxx and allow pairing.
If still can't work, tell us which step you get stuck, and send us some pictures or videos.
Is it compatible with 5G network?
This product is only compatible with 2.4G networks and 2.4G&5G hybrid networks. This is a common issue with similar vacuum products and may not be resolved in the near future.
Please connect this robot to WIFI with no “5G”(Please confirm the WIFI name is default, or check WIFI attribute), it will works well. If you can’t search the WIFI with no “5G”, please follow the instruction below:
A - Check the back of the router, find and log in to the configuration website;
B - Enable 2.4G WIFI;
C - Rename SSID to XXX-2.4G.
Is one side brush design good enough to perform proper cleaning task?
To achieve optimal cleaning results, having more side brushes is not the answer. What matters most is the working principle of the sweeper. Our sweeper is designed to clean along the wall, using a single-sided brush to sweep against the wall or obstacle and remove dirt and dust from corners and roots. This approach helps the main brush to suck up all the debris effectively. Unlike the double-sided brush, the single-sided brush is less likely to produce flying garbage that gets entangled and trapped, making it a superior option for efficient cleaning.

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Robot vacuum L11 pro user manuals

Please download the robot vacuum l11 pro User Manual for reference.Read the Safety Guidelines&Certification carefully before using this robot vacuum and store it properly for future reference.